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When you come to us, you’re going to hear this word a lot…
So what is a Flinchlocked bone?



Flinch : to make a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise.

Lock : a device used to prevent the operation or movement of a vehicle or other machine

Or in martial arts terms : a hold that prevents an opponent from moving a limb

Flinchlock = An instinctive reaction caused by pain fear or surprise, that prevents the normal operation of the body from occurring

- Bone Code

What We Know About Flinchlocked Bones

Up until 2004 the world was completely ignorant of the Flinchlock phenomena. But through the assistance of a horse, and the unique life perspectives of the founder of this work (Dale Speedy) – the Flinchlocked bone was no longer able to go undetected! And with its discovery has come an entirely new way to look at, and communicate with the skeletal system of the body.

In ConTact C.A.R.E we work with defensive intelligence. A driving force that motivates, and protects us each and every moment of the day. But more specifically, we work with a defect that can occur in this system when it is hit by a surprise impact trauma. 

We call these places Flinchlocked. Movement is life, and in terms of how your skeletal system functions, movement is health. But these places freeze when touched, and force the body to re-balance itself, and move in ways that are far from optimal. Creating areas of stress, strain, discomfort and degeneration.

Flinchlocked bones are a very real phenomena that can be easily demonstrated to any individual. 

What We Know About Flinchlocked Bones At A Glance:

  • A Flinchlock is heavy and immobile. Instead of moving
    in harmony with the skeletal system, it will force the body to move around this location. Creating pressure, strain, and discomfort.
  • Flinchlocked bones are only created by a surprise impact trauma. Which is completely different to impact trauma.
  • Flinchlocked bones will freeze when touched. Your skeletal system should be elastic when part of the living ‘matrix’, flinchlocked bones prevent that.
  • Flinchlocks override normal function. So instead of allowing your arm to swing freely, it will move in a way that avoids engaging these locations.
  • We have good reason to believe that Flinchlocks may contribute to a wide variety of health concerns. 
  • Flinchlocks create pressurized areas in the body. Placing strain on muscles, joints, nerves and more.
  • Flinchlocked bones are usually invisible to the client, but highly visible to anyone observing the session.
  • Flinchlocked locations create trapped breath when they are touched.
  • Any Flinchlock will lead to breakdown of normal function in the body. 
  • Flinchlocks will not carry the load they are meant to support. In fact the role is reversed! Meaning they are the areas now being supported.
  • Flinchlocks are highly over reactive to movement pressure. They will do whatever they can to avoid being engaged in the bodies natural movement.

How Do We Deal With Flinchlocked Bones?

So, now that you know a little bit more about what Flinchlocked bones are, how do we go about dealing with them? 

The answer is really quite simple. ConTact C.A.R.E practitioners are trained to locate Flinchlocks, and then match the pressure trapped inside these locations, before applying a technique to get these frozen states moving again.

The process is painless, and allows the body to automatically readjust itself. It really is something quite amazing, to experience and to watch. 


First things first, your practitioner needs to locate were the Flinchlocked bone is. This is done by testing where the natural movement of the skeletal system stops. This is often done through a gentle palpation and is a completely painless process.

Match Pressure

Now that the Flinchlock has been located, your practitioner will match the pressure trapped at this location. Pressure on pressure feels good, and the natural response of the body is to lean, or relax into the support that is being provided.


With the pressure matched, your ConTact C.A.R.E Practitioner will now apply the technique to drain the skeletal pressure from this location. It is painless, and the body will begin to unwind. Your practitioner will guide and support you through this.

Flinchlocks 101

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Now that you know a little bit more about what Flinchlocked bones are, it’s time to learn about the technique that is capable of locating these sites, and returning them to a state of normal function. We call this method ConTact C.A.R.E – A Common Sense Approach to Real Ease.

Upgrade Yourself

ConTact C.A.R.E is a skill we love sharing with our clients. Whether it’s for your home use, or you want to expand your toolbox of skills you already possess. Our ConTact C.A.R.E courses are run using methods designed to ensure your success in retention and application of the technique.

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A Few Words From Our Clients

Hi Jonathan. Some good news – I woke up the other day realizing that I had not had any pain in my right thigh for 2 or 3 days. Yahoo!! 
It is the first time in more than a decade that area has been pain free, not even the slightest twinge.
So thanks a million for that.


Since my treatments I have noticed a huge change in the level of pain I now experience. Prior to the treatments I would be woken a number of times during the night, usually sitting up for a few hours due to the pain. I now sleep most nights and very rarely have to get out of bed. My level of pain during the day has reduced significantly and I recently ran 5km. Something I have been unable to do since my accident 23 years ago. 
Highly recommended ! Ian Davies

-Ian Davies


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