Arrange your replacement session – Post Covid Lockdown

Hey there guys,
Wow, these last few weeks have been radically different for all of us. And we know that many of you are wondering if and when you can get back in to see me. 
If you’ve been given access to this page, its because you are able to make bookings through our new system and are one of our priority clients. Either because your session was during Level 4/3, or because of your pain level. You will be given first choice to day and time, before we open up bookings to the general public again.

We’ve worked hard to ensure there are additional time slots available during these days, and I will ensure I will spend some additional time in Auckland to catch up with those who were unable to see me.

Hope you’ve all stayed safe, and look forward to catching up with you again in the near future.

All the best,



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