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Meet Your Practitioners

Passionate about making a difference, both Jonathan and Amy bring a variety of skills to their respective practices.

Jonathan Baker

Jonathan Baker

021 266 5987
Amy Matarese

Amy Matarese

021 152 3286

Combining Passion and Professionalism Since 2012

As body workers there are few things as rewarding as being actively involved in transformation. And we take this process very seriously.

Whether it is a longstanding injury, or a fresh impact, our team lives and breaths this work. And our ultimate goal, is your rejuvenation.

We passionately desire to see you, and those you care about, achieve the maximum possible potential in this life.

Our Story

Jonathan Baker never imagined his work would eventuate into this, the Bone Code, when he started his journey in horse rehabilitation. But through a series of profound and life altering experiences a vision was born to not only transform the lives of the horses he was working with – but also that of their riders – and then all humans and animal clients who crossed his path.

This passion quickly gave life to a private clinical practice that rapidly expanded to accommodate those from all walks of life and levels of injury.

And now, he would like to introduce the next evolution. With the creation of the Bone Code, a group of highly skilled practitioners has been brought together. These professionals have been hand selected, and personally trained by Jonathan himself. And now, we are here to offer the ultimate level of support as our clients journey towards restored health and performance.

Our Bone Code Practitioners are passionate about reducing the pain and suffering in the world. Through the use of both ConTact C.A.R.E and other complementary techniques.

And together we are creating a brighter tomorrow for clients who had thought discomfort was their only option.

You are designed to thrive…


Here at the Bone Code, we don’t do the healing for you. Your body is already filled with the natural potential to thrive. Our role is to simply unlock what is holding you back, and let Nature take care of the rest.

Jonathan Baker – The Bone Code


We Specialize In

Headaches / Migraines

Back Pain & Injury

Shoulder & Knee Pain

Concussion / Sensory Trauma

Sports & Life Injury

Holistic Transformation


Horses, Dogs, Cats

Ongoing Training

How Do We Work At Bone Code?

Every practitioner, and practice, is going to have their own unique feel and input. It’s what makes our team so fantastic! But there are certain ethics that guide us in our work.

So when you come to any Bone Code Practitioner, this is what you can expect to receive during your session.

Laying The Foundation

Your body is only as strong as your weakest link. And anything that is built on an unsteady foundation is going to crumble. Getting the skeletal structure functionally balanced is our top priority. By laying a strong foundation in your sessions your ongoing health is always at the forefront of our work.

Comprehensive Assessment

Here at the Bone Code, we feel it’s important that you understand what we are doing, and why your body may be experiencing the various challenges and discomforts you came to us for. During your sessions with your Bone Code Practitioner, we will provide this information. And you are always welcome to ask questions!

The Power of 4

There are four guiding principles that underpin all the work we do with you.  These are:
This framework ensures your comfort, safety, and understanding as we support your readjustments.


It’s important to take stock of how we are progressing. With every session, your practitioner will establish what changes have occurred, what is your next prioirty, and assess the best way to move forward. 

Precise Flinchlock Release

All Bone Code Practitioners have been personally trained by Jonathan to focus on what truly matters. And know how to recognize these primary Flinchlocks in any given session. Creating powerful results.

Ongoing Management

Depending on the nature of your injury, the best plan will be worked out in regards to future management. This is a case by case basis to determine how we can best enhance your ongoing recovery.

Meet Your Practitioners

 Jonathan Baker – 021 266 5987

CEO – Adv Practitioner and ConTact C.A.R.E Instructor
Taranaki (New Plymouth) – 69 Carthew Street, Okato

Jonathan specializes in:

-Challenging cases & long term injuries of all types
-Concussion and head traumas
-Structural alignment & optimal biomechanics
-Martial arts injuries
-Pre & post surgery support
-Advanced applications of ConTact C.A.R.E
-Human, Horse, Dog, Cat, Farm Animals & Exotics

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Amy Matarese – 021 152 3286

Practitioner of ConTact C.A.R.E
Cert. NT & BFRP 
West Auckland – 103 Shaw Road, Oratia, Auckland
Central Otago – Nadi Wellness, 50 Stanley Street, Level 2, Queenstown

Amy also offers:
-Bach Flower Remedy
-Homeopathic Consultation (Acute Prescribing)


Amy specializes in:

-Acute & Chronic, Mental & Physical Trauma
-Assaults, Abuse or Accidents 

-Concussion and head trauma
-Pain Management & Stress relief
-Human, Horse, Dog & Cat

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